The Federation of British Columbia Woodlot Associations (FBCWA) promotes the economic and social interests of woodlot licensees, private forest landowners and others involved in small-scale forest management in British Columbia.

The FBCWA’s mission is for all its members to practice exemplary forest and natural resources management in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner.



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• NEW! Ollie’s Woodlot Adventures Colouring and Activity Book
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PDF NEWS RELEASE -December, 2013: Audit of woodlots on Vancouver Island finds good practices (Forest Practices Board) Read the full Audit of Forest Planning and Practices here.

• AGM 2013 UPDATES - The FBCWA & WPDC Joint AGM & Conference was a great success! Read on for highlights.


Host of the 2013 Annual General meetings of the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations & Woodlot Product Development Council

Thursday, Sept 19 – Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Federation of BC Woodlot Associations (FBCWA) held their annual conference and AGM in Campbell River and Quadra Island, September 19-22, 2013.


Conference Highlights

2013 Woodlot Stewardship Recognition video — Jerry Benner presented a 16-minute video describing the evolution of the woodlot program on Quadra Island and highlighting some of the challenges and successes licensees have faced and accomplished since the program’s inception in the late 1980s.  (Link to the video coming soon!)

Rick Monchak, RPF, TimberWest — Rick’s presentation, “Woodlot Style” Forestry on a TFL, provided a detailed history and description of the company’s approach to managing land on Quadra Island over the past 30 years.

Judi Cunningham, UBC Sauder School of Business — Judi Cunningham’s presentation highlighted the importance of family-run businesses to the global economy and included all kinds of practical information and resources for business owners and family members to think about.

Bill Markvoort and Terry Basso, Probyn Group — Bill and Terry offered an enlightening presentation about coastal log markets. They used graphs, charts and years of local knowledge to make sense of current log market opportunities and also provided insights and advice to help land managers best plan for future cycles.

Friday Night Banquet

Not to be out done by the charm of the west coast, the excellent spread at the April Point Lodge or the lively entertainment, Minister Thomson gave a heartfelt speech to the group acknowledging the dedication, commitment and contributions that woodlot licensees make to the overall fabric of forest stewardship in the province.

Field Tour Highlights

Saturday’s field tour on Quadra Island was an excellent opportunity to hear firsthand how other forest managers tackle issues. Because many PFLA members face challenges operating close to the urban interface in coastal communities, it was particularly interesting to visit the Village Bay Road stop on the north end of the island.
Woodlot licensees, tourism operators and ministry staff discussed managing for visual quality objectives (VQOs) and offered examples of different strategies used:

  • leave a standing buffer vs. clear to the road in staggered sections (red alder site)
  • commercial thin vs. patch cut (Douglas-fir site)

It was interesting to learn what the expectations of tourism operators are, and how woodlot lincensees are managing those expectations.


A second highlight, was Rick Monchak’s facts and figures comparing the visual and economic history of a 1975 cable commercial thinning. Using recent timber cruise data, Rick compared the block with an adjacent untreated control site and presented the long-term outcomes in those particular circumstances.

The presentation was a handy reminder that different treatments impact the long-term value of a stand. A lot of the things you do — the treatments you carry out, the investments you make — you do because they make good sense at the time, but then decades later you can realize it doesn’t make sense anymore.

We were also lucky to tour Mark Nighswander’s private property where he described, with enthusiasm, the diversity of trees he’s planted in an endeavour to establish non-native species known for their high values, including a variety of eastern Canadian hardwoods.

You can visit our Facebook page to see a few more Quadra Island field tour photos.

The many organizers, volunteers, staff and community members in Campbell River and on Quadra Island hosted a great event and shared a positive and inspiring perspective on community friendly forestry.



Woodlot Licenses are BC's Family Forests

The goals of the FBCWA are:FBCWA

  • To promote excellence in sustainable forest management through the application of sound and innovative practices.

  • To improve the economical viability of small scale forestry in constantly changing economies by promoting improved markets for conventional forest products, product diversification and expansion into milling and value added manufacturing.

  • To achieve steady and continuous growth in the number of small, area based tenures throughout the province. The FBCWA supports the amalgamation of private and crown forests lands in an effort to bring more lands into forest production and improve management, providing the rights associated with private land ownership are upheld.

  • To build a stronger, more effective FBCWA.

  • To provide extension services, support training and skills upgrading for members.

  • To promote employment and economic stability for our members and the communities in which they live and work.

  • To further the goals and objectives of the Federation by building mutually beneficial relationships with academia, the public, stakeholders, business and government.

  • To raise the profile and understanding about woodlots amongst the public and natural resource sectors; provincially, nationally and internationally.

  • To help shape the future of forestry and forest management in British Columbia by effectively representing the membership on boards, commissions and committees.

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