Small Woodland Partnership

The Small Woodland Partnership (SWP) is comprised of a diverse cross section of forestry organizations, each with a specific focus for small woodland owners. The SWP recognizes the diversity of landowners and in doing so have come together to provide an extension of the SWP resources. Relevant information about Small Woodland management and sustainable forestry can be found by exploring the direct links associated with each Partner. There is no cost to small landowners to use the site. The SWP focuses on non-industrial private forest land. Non-industrial land owners are those who do not have an interest in a large processing facility but do have sufficient land to practice sustainable forest management. It is estimated that there are ~ 20,000 such land owners across the province.

A fundamental goal of the SWP is to encourage sustainable forest practices on private land by helping landowners acquire the necessary skills, knowledge. The delivery of information and resources is facilitated through SWP organizations. The goal of SWP is to educate, support and facilitate collaboration amongst landowners. It is hoped that this will lead to a self sustaining organizational network with the interest, authority, and ability to represent landowners.