March 2002 - This guidebook has been developed to help owners of small woodlands manage their woodlands as a small business. The guidebook outlines basic principles for managing and operating a small woodlands business in British Columbia. Property owners are invited to use it to design a plan that incorporates their unique goals and identifies a path to a practical and profitable business venture.
March 2002 - A non-forester's guide to small-scale forestry in British Columbia. It provides an overview of the steps involved in the practice of forestry, the types of decisions that have to be made, the kind of work to be done, and where to get help.
August 2001 - This illustrated guidebook is designed to provide owners of private forest land or agricultural land in British Columbia, with easy-to-use information about agroforestry. The guide provides information landowners can use to make their own decisions about what agroforestry systems (if any) best suit their circumstances.
April 2001 - How to select, plant and care for tree seedlings in the Omenica-Peaace Region of British Columbia