Forest Life: British Columbia Woodlots by Wim Tewinkel

Forest Life: British Columbia Woodlots by Wim Tewinkel showcases and celebrates BC’s woodlots, woodlot licensees and their families. Through beautiful photos and a few words, this book captures the seasonal beauty of coastal and interior woodlots and portrays the landscapes and diversity of our forests as well as the stewardship of those who manage them.

You can order it through Paypal for only $39.95.


The Federation Celebrates 25 Years

Peter and Woodlot Number One


PDF FBCWA - Celebrates 25 Years - The Federator (September 2012)





Selected Woodlot and Small Tenure Content


PDF FBCWA - Report on British Columbia's Woodlot License Program (November 2007)


BC Journal of Ecosystems & Management (JEM) - 2007


PDF Moving ahead on social and socio economic issues crucial for sustainable forest management

PDF Trade-off analysis for decision making in natural resources: Where we are and where we are headed

PDF A review and synthesis of social indicators for sustainable forest management

PDF Economic indicators and their use in sustainable forest management

PDF Big expectations for small forest tenures in British Columbia

PDF A bird's eye view of small tenure holdings in British Columbia

PDF Governance and management of small forest tenures in British Columbia

PDF Ecology and management of small tenures: Implications for landscape- and estate-level forest management

PDF Strength in diversity: Market opportunities and benefits from small forest tenures


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AlmanacAlmanac Newsletter

Issues of the FBCWA's 'The Woodland Almanac' quarterly newsletter (a joint publication of the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations and the Woodlot Product Development Council) are available in PDF form. Click PDF icons below to view/download issues.

2014 Almanac Issues

PDF Spring 2014

PDF Summer 2014

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The Woodlot Communicator

PDF July - August 2014

PDF May - June 2014

PDF March - April 2014

PDF January - February 2014

PDF November - December 2013

PDF September - October 2013

PDF July-August 2013

PDF May-June 2013

PDF March-April 2013

PDF Jan-Feb 2013

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Forest Practices Board - Woodlot Bulletin

PDF Volume 10 - posted March 2010


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FBCWA Safety Program (June 11, 2012)

The FBCWA Woodlot Licence Safety Program which meets Safe Certification requirements is now available. It is referred to as the Safety Management System. Please contact Lisa Marak @ to request a binder or flashdrive which contains the program. All Safety Management System information and downloads are also available on the BC Forest Safety Council website at the following link:

Safety in the Forest Industry
There are 2 regulatory bodies overseeing forest safety in BC. WorkSafeBC and the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) which was created by the forest industry in 2004.

WorkSafeBC administers the Workers Compensation Act for the B.C. Ministry of Labour.
For more information go to

BCFSC has developed a forest safety infrastructure across BC, providing safety management systems leading to SAFE (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) Company certification. SAFE  Companies is designed to assist companies in improving their safety performance and to evaluate company safety programs using industry recognized audit protocols. All types and sizes of companies can be evaluated using one of three different audit tools. The BASE audit (Basic Audit Safety Evaluation) is for companies that have 20 or more workers, the SEBASE audit (Small Employer BASE) is for companies that have between 3 and 19 workers, and the IOOBASE audit (Independent Owner Operator BASE) program is for independent owners/operators of 1-2 person companies.

WorkSafeBC coverage may be a legal requirement so woodlot licensees are advised to check with WorkSafeBC before commencing operations.  Participation in the BC Forest Safety Council’s SAFE Companies program is recommended but optional.

For information on how to register, audit category, and other requirements and benefits to being SAFE Certified, go to

There are 2 phases to the Safe Company Program. 1 is to be Work Safe Compliant (is intended to assist woodlot licensees and owners comply with WorkSafeBC regulations and being registered with the BCFSC). The other is to be Work Safe Certified.

The BCFSC is also a certifying partner to WorkSafeBC’s Certificate of Recognition (COR)
program.   As a result, companies achieving SAFE Certification from the Council are also
eligible to receive COR recognition from WorkSafeBC, and a 10% rebate on their

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Selected Content

PDF Viewpoints - Small Scale Forestry with Big Responsibilities
This article was published in the March-April 2009 edition of the BC Forest professional magazine


Other Presentations

PDF FBCWA Presentation to the Mid-term Timber Supply Committee (July 10, 2012)

PDF The Future of Family Forests, Larry Mason, University of Washington

PDF Protecting Secondary Structure to Enhance Future Timber Supplies (October 3, 2008) (1072 kb)

H. MacyPDF Emerging Markets: Carbon Aggregation for Family Forest Owners (October 17, 2008) (397 kb)

PDF FBCWA - Neighbours & Business Partners: Woodlot Licences and BC's Rural Communities (May 2008) - an overview of woodlots and woodlot licences (5.5mb)

PDF Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Agroforestry Division (2005) - A program overview which includes an introduction to Agroforestry and some Agroforesty projects (6.6mb)

PDF Where's The Profit? - Agroforestry Economics (450kb)

PDF Forest Products Opportunities (2005) - Includes an economic strategy for managing aspen in northern BC (570kb)

PDF Lamb Marketing 101 (12.5mb)

PDF BC's Agroforestry Industry Development Initiative (2002) - Includes Purpose, Vision, Strategic Goals, Possible Projects and Funding Opportunities (780kb)

PDF Agroforestry In BC (2005) - Excellent overview of agroforestry (14.7mb)


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The FBCWA has a resource package available to provide education on BC's forests, protecting forest values and resources and how they can be managed by visiting woodlot licences around BC.

The resources package includes a 12 minute DVD "Our Family Forests: BC's Woodlot Licence Program", a lesson plan, vocabulary quiz, crossword puzzles, curricular connections for teachers and a contact list for woodlot tours in the local forest districts. These documents are available for download below.ollie

NEW! Ollie’s Woodlot Adventures Colouring and Activity Book
Ollie’s adventures take you to a woodlot licence where you will learn about trees and how a forest is managed sustainably. To view a sample, click here. You can also order a supply by emailing.

Educational Program Documents

BookmarksPDF Lesson Plan<empty>PDF Vocabulary Table

PDF Vocabulary Quiz (& Answer Key)

PDF Easy Intermediate Crossword Puzzle (& Answer Key)

PDF Intermediate Crossword Puzzle (& Answer Key)

PDF Local Association Contact List (for Woodlot Tours, by Forest District)


To request a complete package or just the DVD, contact Lisa Marak.
at 250-961-0271 or by email.


Also available on request are:

  • Bookmarks - view (PDF)

  • Bookmarks with wildflower strip for planting - view (PDF)

  • Carabiners with a set of educational cards attached - view (PDF)


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Annual General Meetings



The Federation of BC Woodlot Associations’ 27th and the Woodlot Product Development Council’s 17th Annual General Meetings and Conference will take place will take place at Golden’s historic Civic Centre located at 810 10th Ave. S. (Hwy 97S), Golden, BC.

PDF Information and Registration Brochure PDF

For registration online and payment using a credit card through Paypal, click here


Complete paper copy of registration form and mail along with a cheque payable to:
Woodlot Product Development Council
PO Box 23011 Plaza 33 Postal Outlet
Kelowna, BC V1X 7K7

For general registration enquiries contact Cathy McClary at (250) 961-0271 or


You are responsible for booking your own reservations. Please book as soon as possible to get the preferred rates at the following accomodations:

Eh Canadian Lodge* (starting at $90.00) call 1-866-693-3341

Alpine Meadows Lodge* ($99.00) call 250-344-5863

Winston Lodge* ($129.00) call 250-272-7272

Prestige Inn ($119.95) call 250-344-7990

Ramada Inn ($92.00) call 1-800-593-0511

Note: Accommodations marked with an * are owned and operated by woodlot licensees.

For those preferring to camp, the following campsites are nearby:

Golden Municipal Campground and RV Site 250-344-5412

Golden Golf Club RV Park 250-344-270

Other Information

Contact Brian Amies (250) 344-5990 or or Denise English (250) 344-2698 or


The Federation of BC Woodlot Associations (FBCWA) held their annual conference and AGM in Campbell River and Quadra Island, September 19-22, 2013. Highlights included Rich Monchak, RPF, Timber West’s presentation “Woodlot Style” forestry on a TFL on Quadra Island; Judi Cunningham, UBC Sauder School of Business’ presentation highlighting the importance of family-run businesses to the global economy; Probyn Group spoke on coastal log markets; and Minister Thomson’s speech and presentation of the Minister’s Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Woodlot Management at the Friday night banquet.
Saturday’s field tour on Quadra Island was an excellent opportunity to hear firsthand how other forest managers tackle issues such as operating close to the urban interface in coastal communities, it was particularly interesting to visit the Village Bay Road stop on the north end of the island. Woodlot licensees, tourism operators and ministry staff also discussed managing for visual quality objectives (VQOs).
A second tour was with Rick Monchak’s comparing a current stand that had been part of a 1975 cable thinning commercial thinning project to an adjacent untreated control site and considering the economics and long-term outcomes.

The Federation of BC Woodlot Associations celebrated 25 years at the annual general meeting in Fort St. John where the inaugural meeting was held. This special event began with a social on the evening of Thursday September 13 2012 and ended with a Bison BBQ on Saturday September 15 2012.

Highlights included speakers, in particular Janice Burns, recent UBC graduate from a woodlot family, talking about using LIDAR - remote sensing technology, to improve our forest inventory information; a woodlot tour discussing the challenges of stand management and vegetation control in the Peace Country; River boat tour on the Peace River and a Trap shoot at the North Peace Road and Gun Club.

The FBCWA and WPDC conducted their Directors' meetings immediately following the AGM on Sunday September 16, 2012.

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BC Woodlot boundaries and numbers, plotted in Google Earth

Woodlot for Windows

Forest Investment Account

BCMAFF InfoBasket

Resource Tenures and Engineering (RTEB) Woodlot license

BC Ministry of Forests

National Forest Strategy (2003-2008)

Guidance when dealing with a catastrophic event necessitating increased harvesting on woodlot licences - Memo


Canada's Forest Network

Manitoba Model Forest

BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management

Pacific Northwest Research Station

Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine

Small Woodlots Program

Virtual Resource Centre on Forest Renewal BC's
Enhanced Forestry Program

Praxiom - ISO 9000 Resource

Canadian Forests Internet Gateway

Associations and Societies



Ecoforestry Institute Society of Canada (Certification information and training)

Private Forest Land Owners Association

Tree Canada Foundation

FORREX - Forest Research Extension Society

Scottish Woodlot Association

Charles Bloom Secondary School WL #1908 and Forestry Program


Woodlot Association of Alberta

La Fédération des producteurs de bois du Québec / Federation of Wood Producers of Quebec

New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners

Cariboo Woodlot Association

South Cariboo Woodlot Association

North Island Woodlot Association

Nadina Woodlot Association

Manitoba Woodlot Association

Ontario Woodlot Association

New Brunswick Woodlot Association

Federation of NS Woodland Owners

Woodlot Licenses


Bear Spring Enterprises Ltd - Woodlot 1670


Winlaw Creek Woodlot - Woodlot License W1832

Touchwood Tours - Mark Clark Woodlot 1726


New Woodlot Ads


  Westlake Woodlands Woodlots



WoodSource BC is BC's online wood marketplace. This is your opportunity to buy and sell more wood products and services than ever before. is a free tool and is easy to use. Create your profile and start listing items for sale, items you want to buy, and searching for new business opportunities. Visit Woodsource BC here.

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Click here for an online glossary of common forestry terms, searchable by initial letter (it will appear in a new window). The glossary is also available for download as a PDF file below.

PDF Glossary of Common Terms


Terms of Reference

(Source: The State of British Columbia's Forests 2006, Ministry of Forests and Range)

PDF Forestry Terms of Reference for the Environment

PDF Terms of Reference for the Forest Economy and Society & the Forest

PDF Terms of Reference for Governance and Support of our Forests


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